Dog Gourmet Sauces & a Juice!

Dog Gourmet Sauces & a Juice!

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Da Fioretti OrganicsA variety of Gourmet sauces and a juice, to get your dogs dribbling so much you have an indoor swimming pool FREE!

Recipes (photos) courtesy of Kima of ESPECIALLY and exclusively for REBELS! These raw sauces and juice can be shared with your dog and human friends, you will need a blender of some sort.

For those of us that love juicing and making our dog dinners special, below we have;

  • blackberry, rosemary & caraway seed sauce
  • cranberry & anise seed sauce 
  • strawberry, chamomile & mint sauce
  • blueberry & bilberry sauce 
  • orange, lavender & lemon balm sauce


  • for incredible strong doggies – HULK juice!

blackberry, rosemary & caraway seed sauce

blackberry, rosemary & caraway seed saucegoes with raw venison or lamb

get a handful blackberries, approx 3 cm fresh rosemary (leave rosemary out if you have an epileptic dog), 1 pinch of caraway seeds and 1 teaspoon of agar….. blend & serve with venison or lamb

cranberry & anise seed sauce

goes with raw turkey 

big piece of anise seed is for nice picture purposes ONLY – only give infused tea!!

make 200ml infused anise tea & pop in blender with handful of fresh of cranberries… and serve with turkey

strawberry, chamomile & mint sauce

goes with raw salmon (make sure you check the origin/ uk salmon is FINE)

handful of strawberry with stalk and 1 teaspoon of dried german chamomile with approx. 2 cm of fresh mint … and blend & serve with salmon

blueberry & bilberry sauce

goes with raw duck

get a handful of blueberries and 1 teaspoon of bilberry (soaked to make it soft) 200ml of infused burdock tea, 1 pinch of cinnamon … blend & serve with duck

orange, lavender & lemon balm sauce 

goes with raw rabbit

1 orange, 100ml of lavender and lemon balm infused tea, pumpkin seeds … blend & serve with rabbit

HULK juice! for incredible strong doggies

smoothie to go with whatever raw meaty delight and have some yourself!
some kale, broccoli, 1/8 apple, 1/4 of banana, french bean, rooibosh tea (approx 200ml), flaxseeds, sunflower seeds, kelp, lemon balm, neem and BLEND! …pop in dish & serve with anything raw!






thank you Kima – for both the wonderful recipes and photos!