Meat versus Offal – a handy list

Meat versus Offal – a handy list

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What is meat and what is offal in a raw diet… 

Apart from bone you need to feed meat (generally around 80%) and offal (10% of which 5% needs to be liver but not more).

This is where many get confused as different models of raw feeding name things differently, equally what your butcher will class as offal is NOT what many raw feeders class as offal. Here is a list which will clarify how most raw feeders see it. Some of these “cuts” and meats are grey areas, like lung but for ease use them as meat. Also thinks like chicken, duck, turkey feet tend to be chucked in with meat as their bone content is very low – most of it is cartilage.



  • heart (excellent to include but don’t feed it exclusively, make sure you balance it out with other meats)
  • tongue
  • cheek
  • skirt
  • off cuts (do watch the fat – it needs to be mostly meat)
  • lung
  • diaphragm
  • trachea
  • gizzards
  • brisket (stewing meat)
  • penis
  • fillet
  • GREEN TRIPE in general (like 99.9%) of the time will not be on sale at your butcher or supermarket, you get this from pet shops or online raw suppliers or, if you have a license, the abattoir. White or bleached tripe is NOT what you are after.


which makes 10% of your overall diet, of which you need 5% liver (do not feed more; liver is high in Vit A – too much and it can cause vit A toxicity = not good) and 5% any of the below

  • kidney
  • spleen
  • brain
  • testicles
  • pancreas

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Meat V Offal