Super treats! Stuffed Kongs or Hooves

Super treats! Stuffed Kongs or Hooves

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There might not be anything nicer for a dog then a superb treat that lasts and takes a bit of work as well. Frozen kongs are wonderful in general but also if your dog has had an op and limited mobility, or to keep puppies occupied. Try some of the recipes below. If you prefer not use to Kongs you can try hooves instead.

Good ingredients to mix and stuff at will are that tend to go down well: banana, blueberries, raspberries, goats yoghurt or natural live yoghurt, tripe, any type of mince. For adult dogs (NOT puppies) manuka honey, but any raw honey will do, is nice. Also if you are struggling on the offal front, mixing slivers of offal into your mix can be a great way of introducing it.

Feeding frozen kongs is TOTALLY safe!

It can help – to stop leaking to wrap them bottom down in some silver foil.

Christmas Dinner

minced duck, turkey, a few cranberries and some goats yoghurt

Halloween Howler

mashed pumpkin or butternut squash , natural yoghurt, honey (raw if you can), and pumpkin seeds, a pinch of spirulina, stick a chicken foot in it to finish off

Offal Magic (pictured)

Chop spinach finely, add slivers of liver and kidney add goats yoghurt, and a pinch of rosehip shells.

Tripe Delight

Get minced tripe, mix with ground pumpkin or squash seeds, banana, add some coconut oil and freeze, for extra effect stick in a chicken foot as ice lolly stick

Dutch Courage

finely chopped liver, mashed squash, almond paste and banana finish off with some dried german camomile.

Sardine Slurry

Chopped sardines, with diced carrot and kale mash and parsley

Disco Mix

Mix home made bone broth or chicken stock with goats yoghurt, a few diced beet bits, some diced carrot and bit of kale

Salmon Scamblers

Combine a scrambled egg, some raw salmon chopped finely (note only use UK sourced salmon), dill, yogurt and mashed sweet potatoes


Plain goats yogurt and mashed bananas. (You can also add other fruits or almonds or sunflower seeds)


Squeeze a small piece of apple into the tiny hole. Fill the Kong with a small amount of plain yogurt. Add a few slices of mashed banana, more apple, yogurt, banana. End with a slice of banana and chunk of peanut butter on the top.

Banana Split

Mix up some bananas, mashed parsnip, almond butter, crushed almonds and plain cottage cheese and coconut oil.


Mix together some cream cheese, peanut butter and mashed apples.

Fruit Salad

Combine mashed apple with chunks of fruit; like berries: blue/straw/rasp/black berries.

Puppy Pumpkin

Fill the Kong with some pumpkin seeds (unsalted) and liver bits and mashed pumpkin and yoghurt