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Starter Guides

Get a basic understanding of the diet, how it works, how to start and some top tips


Quick Visual Guide A4

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quick guide to raw feeding dogs



Puppy Guide

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Puppy Guide


Offal V Meat

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Rebel Tales

what made other people switch to a raw diet – AMAZING stories – if you are unsure or like to plant some seeds with someone wondering about raw then do give it to them!

Rebel Tales (PDF) – click here to download



Salmonella & E-Coli Survey

Do humans and dogs contract Salmonella and E.coli from dog food? Survey results

This survey was conducted to find evidence of humans or dogs contracting Salmonella or EColi from raw or processed dog food. A SurveyMonkey questionnaire was posted on Facebook on 27th Sep’14. The first 1,000 respondents were included, reporting their lifetime experience of Salmonella and Ecoli in humans and dogs. At the time of the survey they were keeping 2448* dogs, and the survey closed on 29th Sep’14.

Survey (PDF) – click here to download



Golden Paste a Recipe

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