Raw feeding Your Cat – Starter Guide

Raw feeding Your Cat – Starter Guide

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by Hannah Ladyman

Just like dogs, cats thrive on real raw meat. Raw feeding your cat however is different so we have a Starter Guide for you.

Cats, are obligate carnivores which means they are strict meat eaters, they need meat to survive. Commercial wet cat foods contain as little as 4% meat (which is actually meat derivatives and the company probably cannot tell you what animal the meat derivatives come from).

Would you like a cat who…

  • Non fragranced stools?
  • A shiny coat?
  • Sparkly white teeth?
  • Sweet smelling breath?
  • A generally healthier lifestyle?

If you’ve answered YES to all of these questions you’re in the right place! Your cat can survive on commercial cat food, but he can really thrive when eating a species appropriate diet.

Download our Starter Guide for Cats here