Yoghurt & milk

Yoghurt & milk

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My PERSONAL feeling on it as it seems we are getting many questions about yoghurt and milk

Yoghurt & milk does not feature in most raw diets, apart from Volhardt and even there some might not class that as a true raw diet.

Why give yoghurt or milk….

I am TOTALLY unsure as actually many dogs are lactose intolerant, equally latest research (quoted from The Gut) shows that for probiotics qualities the jury is VERY MUCH out yoghurt is actually of ANY benefit to humans nevermind pets, it’s negligent. This includes “live” and “natural”. Dogs after weaning in particular are mostly lactose intolerant and were not designed to consume much dairy product.

If you are wanting to supplement with probiotics, good idea…
Then consider..

  • KEFIR is a great supplement (lactose low/free).
  • proper dog PROBIOTICS that get sold in pet shops.
  • GREEN TRIPE If you are feeding some green tripe as part of a varied and balanced diet (under 15%) you are already including some probiotics as it’s a great natural source for it.
  • FERMENTED VEGETABLES fermented vegetables are action packed with probiotics.

For MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides) – coconut oil is perhaps a better alternative, but it’s the reason some include raw goats milk.

When you might feed yoghurt….

Perhaps some frozen goats yoghurt as a treat or if I have 100% natural full fat yoghurt (NO flavours, NOT fat free, NOT light) tub left then by all means they can slobber over the container.