Hunger Pukes

Hunger Pukes

Throwing Up on Foamy stuff; aka Bile and Hunger Pukes

(this is no way scientific but my experience)

Some dogs throw up on a morning, before they have even eaten, bringing up bile and sometimes little bits of bone or undigested matter, now this can be a little worrisome but most of the time it’s rather innocent. It’s especially seems to happen to dogs that are just transitioning to a raw diet or those that have had a busy day and just needed to have little extra to eat.

A lot of us call this hunger pukes, where the dog has felt rather hungry and uncomfy and wants to get the acidic gastric juices from the stomach up, to do this some eat a lot of grass as this helps them throw up the often (yellowy) foam or liquid, some times this can include other bits like bits of bone – DON’T STRESS

Also hunger pukes can occur at different times of the day, it depends on the last feed they’ve had and at times also activity levels. If your dog has had a busy day with lots of activity by all means give a little more food or something to tie them over.

What you can do about it?

Play around with dinner times, think if you perhaps can give a bigger meal on an evening (making a morning feed slightly smaller) or like I do for one of my boys a bigger evening bedtime snack like a lump of mince… This should stop it, however if it’s a regular occurrence, and/or there are other issues as well and you are concerned about it or it doesn’t go away of course do visit the vet.