Oily Fish

Oily Fish

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Not very sciency but a nutshell kind of post!

Oily fish is really essential for a raw diet, whilst you can give salmon oil to make sure you are giving Omega 3’s raw fish is even better. Make sure the fish is fresh when you get it. Also do keep in mind that fish only ever should make up a small part of the diet – the reason for this is the thiaminase, which can cause thiamine deficiency – read more here

The following beasties are of the oily kind:

  • sprats (a firm favourite!!! and pictures) not always in season so when there is some stock up
  • herring
  • sardines
  • mackerel
  • pilchards
  • salmon

Fish is an acquired taste and for some dogs needs gentle introductions, if it’s not so gently you might find a whole regurgitated fish somewhere on the nice beige carpets with the smell to go with it …

What I do, which stops the fishies coming back up is…

  • wash the fish thoroughly
  • freeze for 2 weeks
  • defrost and chop finely and mixed with tripe (or something else scrumptious) and a raw egg.


  • try simply feeding them frozen slightly so they get crunched before going down.



Start with small amounts of chopped fish mixed and slowly work up to include less of the mince you are mixing it with.

I give 2 fish meals a week – I would not do more as fresh fish can contain mercury (just something to be aware off – not freak out about).

Also no need to gut or remove the head or tail – feed whole.


Some do use tinned fish, if you do make sure you get fish in springwater or oil – avoid tomato sauce (often contains sugar and salt) and brine (very salty)