Supplements; Yes or No?

Supplements; Yes or No?

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To supplement or not to supplement  – it’s one of the BIG questions – this what I think (and this is really personal – many think differently!)

First off what is the definition… For me, vegetables and fruit do not fall under supplements.

Supplements for me fall in 4 categories

1. To improve the health of your dog because you have an ISSUE, be it old age, bad skin, etc.. this is where a natural supplement can come extremely handy and can provide useful alternatives to medication. But it’s important to note that if you have an issue – don’t just look at the symptom, find out the cause, pointless supplementing without knowing what the cause is.

2. Because whilst you feed a range of meats you are concerned about the impact of intense farming on livestock and are realistic about soil depletion and how this is reflected in the meat you feed  – here you are talking about things like spirulina or turmeric which is rich in trace minerals, anti oxidants, etc. This also why I feel it’s important to feed variety of different meats – to not have all you “eggs” in one basket – to spread the load.

3. foods you add as alternative to chemicals in dealing with parasites, such as garlic, ground pumpkin seeds etc.

4. first aid kit stuff: remedies which you might use when needed like slippery elm, manuka honey.


OILS (fats)
Oils are good but again focus on the diet, dogs need their ANIMAL fats – this is the priority, if you want to venture further afield certain plant based oils are extremely good for dogs such as coconut oil, lindseed, evening primrose.


that is you are feeding a premade raw you might already be giving oils and a variety of supplements

HOWEVER and this is IMPORTANT!!!

The supplement road is endless and can be costly, and keep your focus firmly where it should be – the meat, offal and bones (and some veg) – spend your money wisely, spend it on the best quality meat you can afford, if anything is left hihihi then pick something wisely and organic. Always consider what do you ACTUALLY need, few supplements “need” to be given daily.

And when you have just started DON’T STRESS! get you basic diet right FIRST! before you start worrying about supplements, your priority should ALWAYS be meat, don’t be tempted to just buy stuff as you are far far better off spending your money on better quality meat.