Top Tips for winning the Awful Offal Wars!

Top Tips for winning the Awful Offal Wars!

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Many dogs are really not convinced offal is needed and think it’s in fact pretty awful, however it is an essential part of the diet, and you cannot easily go without if you want your dog to thrive – below are some top tips on how you can win the Awful Offal War. Both liver and kidney eg are full of extremely healthy vitamins, such as Vitamin A, D, E, K, amino acids, iron and much more ….

Offal (which should make up around 10% of the overall raw diet), but just a few hints and tips here

1. do tiny introductions (slivers mixed with mince) slowly working your way up

2. it can help trying tiny amounts of offal of different animals, some are ok say with chicken offal but are not keen on pork etc.

3. mix the offal with goats yoghurt and honey and stick it in a kong to freeze

4. make offal glob/gravy – bloody but can work with mixing it with something else

5. if needs must flash fry or dehydrate however do be aware that any cooking does mean you lose quite a bit of nutrients, dehydrated/fried/cooked does NOT equal raw in terms of nutrients.

6. try feeding it frozen

7. FINALLY do persist! It can take a long time!!! with one of mine it took weeks if not months till he finally was absolutely fine with the stuff – now I can feed a slab of it no problemo


Also there is a reason liver should only ever be 5% this is to do with vitamin A – which you do not want to over feed, however this is also the reason liver in particular is essential!

For your other 5% think kidney, spleen, pancreas, testicles etc…

Things that are NOT counted, in general!, towards to offal quota are lungs, tripe, heart, tongue.

Other things offal is good for:
constipation! Offal, liver in particular is a great bowel mover for constipated dogs, keep this in mind as if you do give a lot in one sitting you can give your dog the splatters!